What Delbrouck is All About
Delbrouck Industries Ltd. was founded to help streamline the complex process of developing and manufacturing plastic injection molds, successfully. An injection mold typically represents a significant business investment for our customers. Often it is the culmination of a prior substantial investment in R & D over a long period of time. In addition, completion on time is usually critical to a company's marketing plans. The mold-making stage therefore leaves little room for errors, carelessness, or misunderstandings.
Focus on Results
Against this background we understand very well that considerable experience and discipline is imperative when it comes to the actual mold manufacturing process. Our success has also been driven by consistent hands-on management with focus on results.
  A management meeting in our Ping Wu factory
  A Total Effort Based on Solid Experience
A single mold making project typically directly involves at least a dozen technical people at Delbrouck plus project managers, and several professionals in the customer organization. We at Delbrouck are focused on one thing - to help streamline the entire mold-making process, from start to finish, with a total effort to achieve successful results and customer satisfaction.
  Experience Ready to be Applied
We go beyond just designing and building a mold based on product drawings. By absorbing a full understanding of the customer’s objectives and the environment in which the product will be used, we can often make significant contributions, and help to avoid mistakes, based on extensive past experiences.
  The nature of product development and mold making – in spite of today's heavy dependence on computers and computer-controlled equipment - is still to a large extent influenced by human judgment, creativity and experience.
  Having built several thousand injection molds, and having been involved in numerous projects from the early concept stage, we at Delbrouck have a deep and wide experience that is ready to be applied to your next project.
View from our Hong Kong office in Yuen Long
with Shenzhen visible in the far distance

Quality kitchen tools and consumer products
Promotional products
Computer accessories
Medical, surgical and high-precision products
Healthcare products
High-capacity molds for garment industry products
  Housings for small appliances
Shells for electronic products and control devices
  Living hinge products
And any molds designed to run on injection molding machines up to about 500T in size