Delbrouck Industries Ltd.
Your Reliable OEM Business Partner

At Delbrouck Industries we are totally committed to quality performance, value creation, and customer satisfaction. By continually staying at the forefront of technological developments in mold technology and manufacturing, and by operating our Hong Kong and China facilities in a highly integrated and efficient manner, we offer customers worldwide the best possible value for their money. We place a particularly high priority on the often neglected art of clear, concise and prompt communications with our customers. As your committed business partner, we always strive to offer more than what is expected. Our vast plastics and mold making know-how, creativity, and problem solving experience are your assets as much as ours. From product design improvement recommendations and innovative mold designs to cost reduction ideas for mass production, we take total customer support very seriously.

Our company's success and consistently high annual growth rate is a reflection of our full commitment to integrity, consistent hands-on management, and to offering the very best in quality, service and value to our customers.

Our dedicated team of professionals and I are looking forward to the opportunity of creating lasting value for your business.

H. L. Cheung, Director
張 希 鑾
Delbrouck Industries Ltd.
杜 博 有 限 公 司

Quality kitchen tools and consumer products
Promotional products
Computer accessories
Medical, surgical and high-precision products
Healthcare products
High-capacity molds for garment industry products
  Housings for small appliances
Shells for electronic products and control devices
  Living hinge products
And any molds designed to run on injection molding machines up to about 500T in size