Our factory is located in an industrial area of Ping Wu town, Shenzhen. The 54,000 sq. ft. (5,000 m2) complex includes three buildings, including the main three-story building pictured here.
  The factory has three main operating departments:

Mold Making Department
Injection Department
Assembly and QC Departmen



The largest department is the mold making department, where more than half of our employees are working. The injection department includes about 20 injection molding machines which are used both for testing new molds and for regular OEM mass production runs.

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  Mold Making Department  
    One of two general tool room areas The main parts of a mold for a small and precise medical product
    One of six large digital CNC machines  
    State-of-the art EDM machines  
    High accuracy wire cutting machines One of our automatic precision surface grinders
    A sub-section of the mold making department is the mold polishing department which employs more than 30 highly skilled workers. Achieving
a "mirror polished" finish for example, especially on small parts, is mainly a manual task. A wide variety of textured finishes can be achieved
by means of an EDM machine or by a steel etching (chemical) process.
  Injection Department  
    Depending on the mold design, some injected parts All injected products receive their first level of quality
require manual trimming in the gate area inspection immediately after being ejected
    Co-molding rubber "non-slip" pads on a clothes Vertical co-molding of a plastic and rubber tool handle
hanger on a vertical injection machine  


  Assembly and Quality Control Department  
    Assembly of one of our many OEM products for Another product assembly
the promotional market  
    Medical products require very detailed individual inspection at A medical filter housing part is being inspected
several levels in our manufacturing process  
  A very small medical item is being inspected An engineer is inspecting a medical product while
  in the process of completing an inspection report